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Green Apron

Green Apron Crumble 85% CBD + 10% CBG - 1g

Green Apron Crumble 85% CBD + 10% CBG - 1g

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Don’t Miss Out, Get Your Hands On This Fantastic CBD & CBG Crumble! In Its Original State, It’s A Staggering 99.9% Pure Before Being Infused With 5% Terpenes. This Makes It A Premium Crumble That’s Got A Purity Of 85% CBD & 10% CBG, So Order Yours Today!

As a crumble, it has a range of uses depending on your needs; dab it, add it to e-liquids, vape direct.

- 85% CBD
- 10% CBG
- 5% Terpenes
- CO2 extraction
- No heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides

Lemon Haze
The Lemon Haze CBD Crumble Is Best Known For Its Invigorating Outcomes Like Improving Productive Capacity And Setting The Stage For Enhanced General Wellbeing. That's Why The Lemon Haze CBD Strain Of Hemp Is Most Often Favored By Those Who Seek A Push To Help Work Or Study, Or To Counter Any Intellectual Or Physiological Complexities That Could Damp Down Their Everyday Productivity.
The Strain Also Tends To Solve A Variety Of Other Typical Problems, Such As The Sense Of Overpowering Physiological Stress And Pain That Could Impair Work And Commitments.

The Musky Flavor Of Lemon Haze CBD Is Identical To The Tangy Flavor, With A Special Natural Taste That Makes It Slightly More Authentic And Strong. All These Flavours Converge To Produce An Irresistible Mix Of Flavors That Give Everyone An Enjoyable Feeling Of Their Own.

Although The Taste Of Lemon Haze Can Cater To Most Consumers, There Are Limitations. For Example, Those Who Want A More Delicate Taste May Not Love The Flavour Maneuvers Of This Strain. If One Really Wishes To Witness The Benefits Of Lemon Haze Without The Excessive Mixture Of Flavours, They Are Recommended Vaping Instead Of Smoking To Neutralize The Intensity Of Flavours.

OG Kush
Green Apron OG Kush CBD crumble is one the all-time favourites of consumers when it comes to the CBD product lineage even though it’s relatively new. OG Kush is the cross-bred product of parent strains the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. It is known to have unparalleled therapeutic abilities and is said to be very comforting on the palette.

Green Apron OG Kush CBD Crumble comes with a very earthy and musky taste that instantaneously hits your palate with a strong punch of flavor. Its piney aroma is one of nature’s finest smells that promises to satisfy your olfactory sensation. The flavour may surprise some smokers with hidden undertones of citrusy and spicy flavours.

Orange Diesel
Commended for being top picks in the CBD market, the end product delivers quality and calibre of both, therefore establishing a legacy. Apparently, the strain of Orange Diesel CBD is bright in colour and covered with orange fuss. It’s known for its citrusy taste and diesel aftertaste.

Orange Diesel is often characterized as uplifting. Consumers suggest that it provides with persistent enthusiasm and enhanced concentration towards whatever tasks they were doing. It is known to leave you feeling invigorated and empowered just after a single blow. It also triggers impulses related to creativity and innovation which are adequate for social events and other instances. It also induces feelings of collaboration and communication with peers.

Candyland is a super effective sativa that can zap the body with an elevated boost making you more active. Candyland offers what might be the most intense dosage of Sativa conceivable. This strain grows well indoors and outside. People switch to Candyland as they attempt to relieve discomfort, muscular stress, and a dull disposition. Candyland delivers invigorating and calming results, making it ideal for public events or fun leisure activities.

With its powerful taste formula and tangible richness, it's no shock to find out that the Candy land strain derives from the Cookies CBD family. This famous sativa draws together the origins of high key parent strains, which both originate from different imperial parents in respect of their cannabidiol ancestry.

The Candyland CBD is both rich and earthy like a pine tree. It blends the finest of all aspects in contexts of taste and gives its consumers a soothing and satisfied experience. Tangy, fruity flavour mixed with earthy, pine and pungent flavours make Candyland a flavor phenomenon. The scent of Candyland is very commendable as it’s a combination of candy, tropical, natural, earthy and heavy aromas that automatically give Candyland its distinctive and enjoyable aroma.

Candyland provides the consumer with an invigorating boost that acts as a perfect stress alleviator as well as an essential remedy for psychological discomforts such as anxiety and depression. The CBD material present in Candyland makes it suitable for the treatment of severe pain or discomfort. It has also been deemed effective for mitigating arthritis pain. Consumers of Candyland claim that it also tends to ease headaches as well as muscle and abdominal pain. A distinctive feature about this kind of Cannabidiol is that it doesn’t include sleep-inducing cannabinoids. Therefore, unlike other CBDs, Candyland will work to ease discomfort and mental stress but it won’t leave you feeling drowsy afterwards. Hence, it works best for people who are in for a daily dose of energy equipped with the essence of calm and serenity.

Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese adopted the fancy name for its savory aroma similar to the scent of cheese. As per consumers, it also holds a sweet berry-like aroma, presumably that of strawberries. The two attributes have been inherited through the cross-breeding of parent strains: Blueberry Indica and UK Cheese.

Blue Cheese CBD crumble is known to produce a buzzy high that lures the consumer into a happy place. Apart from that, consumers claim that it has evidently enhanced their ability to think creatively and innovatively. For best results, it is suggested to be consumed during the evening or at night. While blue cheese is known to render a soothing feeling, it does not tend to make the body feeling drowsy, unlike other strains.

Apparently, it will not lure you into bed instantaneously like other products in the CBD and Indica lineage. Rather, it delivers a state of relaxation like no other alternative product offers.

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